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Grandpapa's Stories

Updated: Mar 13


I clutch my stuffed duck as I ran towards Grandpapa,

Sitting in his leather chair. 

I hope I am not too heavy

I make sure to be as light as possible on his lap. 

It begins. 

Grandpapa brings the duck to life, transporting us into his story. 

Stories have surrounded me my whole life. 

My imaginary friends, Chip and Dale

were always getting into trouble. 

My very first story, was a comic,

With none other than Chip and Dale. 

I write because I am a storyteller just like Grandpapa 

And to carry on his legacy.

I relive the emotions he experienced on his trips, 

The peacefulness when walking though the garden of Japan.

The awe of the grand palaces in Germany.

The rich taste of fondu in switzerland

I also make memories of my own that I share with others

The joy when racing to find a Tiger in India. 

The suspense, when entering a tomb in Egypt,

The wonder when sailing the fjords of Norway.

In travel, they are many feelings, 

And the endless opportunities of winding paths,

Filled with adventures. 

The scenery and history draws you in,

But it is the memories you make, 

That will last you a life time.  

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