• Sophie The Duck

Bullet Train to 2020

Within the chaos of this year, I find myself thrown off my normal pattern. At this time I would be finished with a book, yet I am still here, still writing. It is hard to focus on the work in font of me as I find myself on a bullet train carrying me through the year. Yet around me small explosions of moments and events surround me. I try to pull my focus back to my writing, yet I am tempted to watch outside my window. I believe that we are all on the same bullet train, but at some point it has to arrive at its destination, right? The one thing which is missing this year is travel. South East Asia and seeing the last two wonders of the world were on my list and I can only hope that next year I will be able to check them off. Even though it is doesn’t help my writing to stay in one place for months on end, I try to find inspiration outside. My daily walks allow me to appreciate nature, seeing animals such as foxes, deer, hawks, and owls.   

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