• Klaire Mason

Sophie and the Inherited Expedition

I am very excited to share with you my new story, Sophie and the Inherited Expedition! China is full of rich historical figures which inspires so many stories. By the time I arrived in Chengdu, I had different glimmers which included the building of the Terracotta Warriors, The Great Wall, or the history of painting snuff bottles. But when our guide mentioned Ruth Harkness on the way to the panda sanctuary, I knew she was the glimmer.

I enjoyed introducing my readers to Champollion and Nicolas II of Russia, but now I want to introduce a strong woman figure. Ruth Harkness was the first woman to bring back a live baby panda to the United States in 1936. During this time, the Great Depression had hit America. Ruth returning with a panda, offered a way of escape for society from their grim reality.

In the 1930's it was unheard of for a woman to travel alone to China and lead a group of men to find a panda. But, Ruth Harkness ignored all comments and achieved what her husband couldn't. She is lost in history but I want to bring her back because she is a symbol of a woman's determination and power. I want to inspire young readers to achieve something great despite society's prejudice.

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