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Preparing for a Trip

You know that feeling you get when you are about to step into a ride, that fluttering in your stomach that makes you feel giddy? This is the feeling I get when the anticipation of an upcoming trip grows inside of me. It seems like yesterday when you had just planned the trip and now it is a week until you leave.

Before traveling I always enjoy watching movies or reading books about the place I am about to visit. Before traveling to Egypt I read a series of books by Nobel Prize author, Naguib Mahfouz, depicting the life of an Islamic family. From this series, I was able to get a better understanding of the culture and its history. Not only is it important to educate yourself on the country's history and culture, but you should know how to prepare for a trip. When I traveled to Egypt, I had to pack light clothes since it would be very hot. I brought a scarf just in case I had to cover my head in a mosque. I also had to pack bug spray for mosquitos, since we would be sailing up the Nile.

After traveling to the country and immersing yourself in its culture, it is always interesting to go back and find new documentaries or videos on that place. You might learn something new, or rediscover interesting stories you heard on your trip. When I traveled back from China, I watched many documentaries on its economic growth. Watching these documentaries helped remind me to the many glimmers I could write about. As I prepare for my next trip, I am already thinking of what adventure I can write next!

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