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Walking in the Shoes of Sophie

Updated: Mar 13

After studying a moment in history in one’s book, it is always magical to experience the place for yourself. This winter I had the chance to travel to Paris and visit the Louvre. In my most recent book, The Mystery of the Ancient Hieroglyphs, Sophie’s uncle works at the Louvre as a curator for ancient Egyptian artifacts. When walking up to the Louvre I had a sense of familiarity and curiosity. I was curious to find what other glimmers the palace contained which I could create into another story. While walking along the endless halls I visited the Egyptian section where I regarded the cases full of ancient artifacts. I could imagine the men struggling to place the large fragments of stone with carvings in their designated cases. I could see Sophie’s uncle carefully unwrapping small statues from wooden crates, stamped with Arabic letters. I found myself amazed at their presence and age. I asked myself, how can such amazing items still be so well preserved and tell such fascinating stories without any words? It was it hard to wrap my head around the fact that the objects were used over thousands of years ago. From this curiosity I was able to place myself in the shoes of Sophie and experience her delight and curiosity. It was almost as if I was rediscovering Egypt.

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