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Updated: Mar 13

As pumpkin spice lattes begin to appear in Starbucks and the leaves begin to change color, we now know fall has arrived. With Labor Day behind us, we now begin to shift our thoughts to school and the different subjects we will learn or even teach. Sometimes people struggle to find engaging historical books for their middle grade students to read.

After I travel to a country, I will sit down and brainstorm all the fascinating glimmers I have observed. Once a glimmer speaks to me, I begin my research. I interweave facts pulled from historical documents, first hand account, and documentaries, these books can be relied on as historical fiction. When writing Sophie’s Revolution, I spent half a year, reading the actually diaries of the daughters of the Romanovs and watching documentaries like The Romanovs. The History of the Russian Dynasty by Starmedia. With more research, comes more glimmers, like Anastasia drinking lemonade during the height of the revolution; or the the contrast of the atmosphere in the palace versus the streets. Sophie’s Revolution can help middle grade children understand the complex moments in history and maybe even spark their interest.

Walking through the history isle of the middle grade, I find my books stand out from the rest because they offer an unique storyline while they explore a time in history. My books are not straight, dry facts, but fun glimmers of history incorporated into a story!

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