• Klaire Mason


According to one of my favorite authors, Pam Houston, one must search for glimmers. A glimmer is a moment in life which inspires an idea. Traveling is how I find my glimmers to write stories. A glimmer can appear in nuns gossiping on a back street in Spain, feeding a Panda in a sanctuary in China, or standing in the amber room of Catherine the Great’s Palace. Traveling to new places expands my mind for new glimmers. Wandering down the long paths in the tombs of the great pharaohs, I try to place myself back in time when the tombs were created. I then find my glimer, the Egyptian God Horus, protector of Egypt. From these glimmers I may find a common thread which links these ideas. Glimmers give the writer endless inspirations to explore new ideas. I am always on the lookout for glimmers.

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